Our response to the outbreak

The pH.7 gym team’s statement on COVID-19 (22/03/2020)

On Friday 20th March 2020, the UK government announced that gyms, among other establishments, must close to aid in the battle against coronavirus (COVID-19). While we are certain that our cleaning procedures were keeping pH.7 a safe and clean space to exercise, the responsible thing to do is to accept the government decision and close our doors for now.

We will of course be doing our utmost to keep our clients fit and healthy through this time, and the team is busy planning regular free content that will include home or outdoor workouts, as well as lots of nutrition and wellbeing tips.

If you are an existing client then please contact your individual trainer, who can arrange a method to coach you remotely during this period of social distancing.


If you are new to pH.7 and would like some help and advice on staying fit and healthy through this time, please contact us at and we will share the various options we are offering right now. These include online fitness classes, remote 1-1 coaching, and even some live PE classes to keep your kids active.


Be sure to sign up to our social media pages (Facebook | Instagram | Twitter) too, as they’ll be updated regularly with useful fitness and wellbeing advice.


We’d like to thank you for your ongoing support through this process. Rest assured, once this period of social distancing is over, we will be chomping at the bit to make sure you are all back up to full fitness in no time.


Stay healthy!

James & Nick

pH.7 - Life in Balance Ltd.

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