pH.7 prides itself on offering a comprehensive personal training service that is tailored to meet the needs of the client.


We believe in a balanced lifestyle, so our approach is holistic and will involve us looking at how you move, how you stand, whether or not you are pain free, what your lifestyle is like, your habitual behaviour, what you eat and ultimately what you would like to achieve by improving your health.


From there we can devise an exercise programme that is right for you, and create a bespoke action plan to help tweak, improve or completely overhaul other areas of your wellbeing beyond the studio too. 




Our tailored gym programmes will improve your cardiovascular fitness, total body strength, body composition, balance, co-ordination, posture, core strength and mobility. Both during and outside of your sessions, you will receive goal setting guidance and regular re-assessments to track your progress.


The modern lifestyle is not conducive to natural movement. Hours of sitting down, leaning over a computer, cranking our necks to read our smart phones, and many other unnatural, repetitive movements are creating multiple muscle and postural imbalances throughout the body – which manifest themselves as pain. A thorough analysis of how you move and how you stand will guide us in correcting these imbalances to help you move more efficiently and comfortably.


What you feed your body is vital in achieving your fitness and lifestyle goals, as well as being intrinsically linked to how you feel. We offer nutrition coaching services to educate you on the basics of nutrition and help you introduce new, healthier eating habits into your lifestyle for the long term.


Developing core strength and optimum posture, and learning foundational strength movements such as how to squat, deadlift, lunge, push, pull and twist, will allow you to develop total body strength. This teaches you how to hold your body in its most stable position, enabling more efficient function as well as improving your body composition, bone density, metabolic function, and of course reducing the risk of injury.


At pH.7 we promote a holistic view of your health. This means we believe that to improve your health and achieve ‘life in balance’, you must look at all factors affecting your health – including what physical activity you are doing, what chronic pain you might be managing, what environmental factors are influencing your health, what you are putting into your body for fuel and how you are managing your stress levels and emotional health.


Recovery is an essential component of any health and fitness regime. This includes understanding how not to over-exercise, taking regular massage or learning about myofascial release techniques, improving your sleep quality and managing your stress correctly. But it also includes rehabilitation from injury and chronic illness. Over the years we have helped many people recover in this sense through corrective exercise prescription and incorporating appropriate exercise and lifestyle changes.


Our philosophy rests upon educating our clients on how to improve their health for the long term by integrating new positive, healthy habits into their lifestyle. We will always prefer to teach rather than dictate – after all, your best chance of success comes from learning how to look after your own health.

Helping you to achieve a

life in balance