I first met James to do trial session of PT when I was just turning 49 years old. It had been arranged by my wife as, like a typical guy of that age, I thought I was fit as I'd been an athlete in my youth and my paunch looked relatively good to my peers. I begrudgingly took a session once a week thinking it would be easy and I'd see results relatively quickly. It was tough at the start as I'd effectively not exercised for 30 years, but James adapted the pace for me, and I remember the stretching at the beginning and end really helping. Stretching is something I'd never really done before and always felt the walk home was somehow easier despite all the energy expended in the workout. It was when I stepped up to two sessions per week I noticed the transformation, which I combined with having a new diet inspired by James' nutritional tips. I have lost over 2 stone over this period without even trying (and yet I still drink beer!). I have developed muscles in places I do not recall from being a teenager and my fitness and wellbeing is the best it's ever been.

I started to take my teenage son along to one session a week, which has been great too. Not only has it got him out of the house, but it's resulted in good bonding between the two of us. Even my daughter has joined me on occasion. I have no hesitation in recommending James and the pH.7 team for changing my lifestyle and attitude to my health, it's transformed my life. Michael, 56

After extensive surgery and chemotherapy for breast cancer, with the prospect of radiotherapy looming, I felt awful and questioned ever regaining even a minimal level of physical wellbeing. A chance meeting with James led to a gradual process of rebuilding strength and confidence, which turned into an essential building block of recovery and then into a valued part of my life, so much so that two of my family members are also training with him too.

For each of us he seems to understand our goals, and how hard he can or can't work us. For me the journey back to running again has been a thing of wonder and (mostly) joy for which I am eternally grateful. (I know I will suffer for this at the next session! The extra crunches and burns! Argh!). Catherine, 60

Training for any big event requires expert advice and I found this through pH.7. Recently, after nearly 2 years of Iron Man preparations, I suffered a setback due to over-training and injury and was advised to seek professional support to keep that IMUK2017 goal alive.


Nick’s expert knowledge of anatomy, movement patterns and functional movement made total sense, was easy to digest and ultimately sped up my recovery. In short, pH.7 helped me reach the start line without further injury!


I cannot recommend the team enough and I've learned another dimension to staying injury-free whilst keeping up the training I love. Ross, 33

Personal training is about helping you to push yourself, achieve and maintain goals that would otherwise be hard to do on your own. James manages to carry this off in a human and indeed humane way, tailoring your programme to your overall needs and objectives, while recognising that in any given session your body may well be responding in a rather different way from how it has done in the last one.


There is no higher testimony to him that, on a dark Tuesday morning in February, you actually want to be there for that 7am session, secure in the knowledge that you have a sense on achievement by 8am, which is no bad way to start the day. Tom, 54

After extensive knee surgery on both knees at the same time, I was struggling to return to my previous fitness levels. I would be in pain walking down stairs after only running 1 mile. I knew I had to do something else! I was introduced to Nick over 7 years ago and have never looked back, in fact I am now stronger, fitter and in better shape than before the knee surgery! I have recently returned from a skiing holiday where I skied hard for 6 hours a day for the entire week without knee braces. I was amazed that I had not one ache or pain anywhere.


I have a very demanding job and see Nick twice a week at 6am; He is always fun and cheery and listens to all my stories and annoying questions. He pushes me far harder than I realise, but he does not focus on strength alone; mobility and stretching are just as crucial – which is something I did not know until I met Nick. I now take a roller on every holiday I go on.


I had been told there was a high probability that I would knee replacements when I hit 40. That milestone has now been and gone, and I don't plan on that ever happening thanks to Nick. Allison, 40

As the father of two young children and someone who works long hours in a sedentary job, I had let any sort of exercise regime slide into non-existence over a period of too many years. It felt like I had no time to get fit or stay fit, and that wasn’t a good place to be. 

I decided to finally get a grip and do something about it, so 18 months ago I went to see James Lockyer. It was one of the best decisions I’ve made.


James has taken me from a position where I would struggle to get through the session to a place where I look and, more importantly, feel completely different. I’m leaner, fitter, stronger and happier, and that’s the result of consistent, sustainable progress. It’s only been possible to make this a part of my life because of James’ expertise, good humour and character. It’s a pleasure to go and work out with him, and that makes it so much easier to make it an important part of my routine. James knows how far and how fast to go, how to avoid injury and how to make every session productive. Mark, 38

When I first approached pH.7, I was looking for a long-term personal training plan and was keen to get fit. That said I was wary of back injuries that have plagued me in the past, some self-inflicted, others brought about by a sedentary lifestyle. 


James Lockyer prepared a workout regime for me which took into account my goals, but also my history of back trouble. We started with the basics, but over the course of the next 12 months increased the pace, intensity and variety. At the ripe old age of 45, James has taught me how to stretch and how to look after my body before and after workouts. 


I am now a regular at p.H7 for personal training sessions which are not only effective, but most importantly are fun. I also take part in the weekly group Power Hour class. My back issues appear to be behind me which has been life changing and I am fitter than I have ever been. Justin, 45

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