Core Services


Personal training sessions are tailored to meet your needs and your fitness and lifestyle goals. A complete pH.7 fitness and lifestyle assessment is undertaken by all new pH.7 clients, as it provides the foundations of how to plan your workouts, nutrition plans, or rehabilitation protocols. 


Standard sessions are 60 minutes in duration, however we can offer 45 or 30 minute sessions if required.


Semi-private personal training sessions provide the benefits and motivation of having an expert trainer coaching you, but allow you to enjoy it with a friend or family member, with the added bonus of it being more cost effective.

Semi-private sessions are usually 2 clients to 1 trainer, but depending on studio availability we could accommodate up to 4 clients.


Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the current challenges regarding social distancing in group settings, we have decided that for the forseeable future all of our group exercise classes will continue online via Zoom.


The current classes available are:

pH7 Pilates with Daisy Malin: Tuesday and Friday mornings @9am for 1 hour. The price of the class is £15. These classes are pitched at a beginner/intermediate level.

pH7 Power Hour (well, it's now a Power 40 minutes!) with James Lockyer: Wednesday @7:15pm and Thursday morning @9am. The price of the class is £10. This class is pitched at a intermediate/advanced level and is high intensity circuit training class.. No equipment necessary.

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Have you had enough of yoyo dieting? Fed up of falling off the wagon at weekends, or finally want to gain control of your emotional eating? Maybe you are struggling with how to create a balanced diet when bombarded by so much conflicting nutrition advice...


The pH.7 Metamorphosis nutrition coaching plan is a 12 week habit building programme designed to give you the tools to finally get to grips with the way you eat, the way you approach your health and wellbeing, build a strong positive mindset, and give you the confidence to continue your progress long after the plan has ended.


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