Personal training sessions are tailored to meet your needs and your fitness and lifestyle goals. A complete pH.7 fitness and lifestyle assessment is undertaken by all new pH.7 clients, as it provides the foundations of how to plan your workouts, nutrition plans, or rehabilitation protocols. 


Standard sessions are 60 minutes in duration, however we can offer 45 or 30 minute sessions if required.


Semi-private personal training sessions provide the benefits and motivation of having an expert trainer coaching you, but allow you to enjoy it with a friend or family member, with the added bonus of it being more cost effective.

Semi-private sessions are usually 2 clients to 1 trainer, but depending on studio availability we could accommodate up to 4 clients.


Taking yourself out of your comfort zone and putting yourself through high intensity workouts is all part of a balanced fitness regime. Our group exercise class offers a fun and motivating way to do just that.

The class is suitable for all levels and takes place on Thursday mornings 9:30-10:30am at All Saints Church, Talbot Road, Highgate, N6 4QH. The cost is £15 per class or £60 for 5 classes. Click here to book your FREE trial


This Pilates mat class will help you learn and progress week to week through a series of movements that focus on body alignment, mobility, and core strength. It's an ideal accompaniment to your fitness training programme.

The class takes place on Tuesday mornings 9:00-10:00am at All Saints Church, Talbot Road, Highgate, N6 4QH. The cost is £15 per class. Click here to register your interest in the class

           * We are now offering one on one and semi-private Pilates sessions with Daisy Malin - please enquire for more details *

ONLINE NUTRITION COACHING (powered by Precision Nutrition's Pro Coach TM)

Whether your goals are to lose weight, increase your lean mass, or simply improve your general wellbeing, getting to grips with what you're eating is going to be key to your success. Pro Coach is not just a coaching plan; it is a curriculum providing education on how to improve your nutrition habits one small step a time. Throughout this process you will receive short daily coaching lessons and monthly workshops via email, which are focused on implementing key new habits into your daily routine to transform how you approach your health and fitness – and, over time, transform your physique. If you are fed up of following diets that you can never stick to, or are sick of knowing what you should do but never quite knowing how to implement it, then pH.7's nutrition coaching is for you.


pH.7's online nutrition and lifestyle coaching can run perfectly alongside your personal training sessions at the gym. Alternatively if you are not local to Highgate, you can be coached remotely. Contact us for more details.

pH.7 offer Sports Nutrition coaching that is ideal for athletes who need help planning a diet for a specific competition or event. 



The pH.7 Metamorphosis plan is the ultimate commitment to lifestyle change. It is a 6-12 month overhaul of your fitness and lifestyle. Using market leading platforms this online coaching plan will incorporate all aspects of fitness into the programme – building core strength, postural correction, cardiovascular conditioning and total body strength. You will receive nutrition and lifestyle coaching via Pro Coach throughout the entire process, which is managed remotely by the pH.7 team. This plan is perfect for those who are fed up of never quite getting the results they want from their training and need that expert guidance to get to the next level.. Contact us for more details.

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